Lectures & Landmarks

Reflective Narrative on Cross-pollination between Research and Innovative Teaching for Optimising Contemporary Design Pedagogy

by Naima İftikhar, 28 May 2021  Details>

Adaptability, a call to Action by David Calas, 17 February 2021  Details>

Dissolutio Urbis: From domestic to social landscape by Fabio Alessandro Fusco, 30 September 2020  Details>

Form by Growth  by Raul Pinto, 18 November 2019   Details>

Sustainable Approaches in Building Design to Improve Human-Environment Interaction by Aysu Sagun Kentel, 12 April 2019   Details>

 Late Ottoman and early turkish republican era housing production from the capital city Ankara by Deniz Avcı Hosanlı, 19 April 2019   Details>

Designing Symbiotic Experiences  by Zeynep Birgönül, 17 April 2019   Details>

Using Virtual Reality to Evaluate Building Design by Mohamad Nadim Adi 14 January 2019   Details>

Color in Architectural Context by Sibel Ertez Ural,  09 January 2019   Details>

Inquiries into Light and Health by Burçin Dengiz Olin, 08 January 2019   Details>

Sustainable Development by Muhammed Paydar, 20 December 2018   Details>

What is an Archipelago by Giuseppe Resta, 13 December 2018   Details>

Through a Museum Window by Ekin Pınar, 10 April 2018   Details>

Italien Design and Sustainability by Carlo Branzaglia, 28 February 2018   Details

Shifting Perspectives and Emerging Directions in Design Pedagogy by Ashraf M. Salama, 27November 2017   Details>

Contemporary Housing Transformations and Urban dynamics on the Arabian Peninsula by Ashraf M. Salama, 28 November 2017   Details>

06.10.2017-08.10.2017   IAED 30 YEARS ANNIVERSARY  Details>